About Us

About us

Riskory is a crowd content service and one of the initiatives of  Mr. Yaagoub AlNujaidi in collaboration with his technical partner VirtueNetz. The service is intended to be the trusted source of Risk Controls provided by the best Auditors and Subject Matter Experts, like you, working in the domain of Audit and Risk Management.    

Risk Controls are the set of methods by which any enterprise evaluates its potential Risks that might cause financial, operational, and other type of losses. Identifying these Risks is the first step in a Risk Management process, to be able to take action to reduce or eliminate them. Riskory is envisioned to be the trusted repository of Risk Controls, all of which are sourced from business leaders and experts all over the world, and categorized based on 

Global Industry Classification Standard and APQC Process Classification Framework (PCF) and standard business frameworks.